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For any technical issues involving:

Runtime Errors, Time out and Disconnects

Please do the following before writing to us:

  1. Update your Operating System with all current patches.
  2. Update your DirectX to the latest version, here.
  3. Update your drivers to the latest version. (Location dependent on your hardware)
  4. Do a complete uninstall of your game. Then go here for download. Choose one of the locations that is marked 'new'. This is the new and updated client.

While submitting ticket to support team please include the following:

Account name.
The game you have problem with.
Character Name.
Email Address.

Q:  Whenever I try to log into game I get a " Timed Out" message. What does this mean?

A:  Timing out occurs when a player gets disconnected from the server and then immediately attempts to log back in. The server believes that you are still logged into the game. The best thing to do is wait for couple of minutes and then reattempt log in. (If problems still occur you may have to Re-install the game client)

Q:  When I attempt to log in I receive an " Account Id already logged on " message.

A:  This could mean that your account has been compromised. The best thing to do is to contact, with the standard information.

Q:  I keep getting disconnected from the server, what's up with that?

A:  Occasionally you may be disconnected from game server because their might be problem with your ISP provider or server itself has become too full. The best thing to do is wait a few minutes and then reconnect.

Q:  I have found a bug in the game, how do I report it to someone?

A: Send an email to with the subject of your email as " Bugs and Glitches - Game name ".

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