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Q:  I am new to Vibrant3G, how can I get Vibrant Money?

A:  Vibrant Money can be purchased using all major credit and debit cards such as Visa, Master cards, Amex, Diners Club and JCB cards through popular Payment gateways.

Q:  What is the conversion of Vibrant Money credits?

A:  1 USD = Vibrant Money = 100 VCoins.

Q: How can I get Vibrant Money?

A:  You can get Vibrant Money by logging into our website with the User ID you play with and make purchases from our Buy VM page.
The URL below will also take you to Vibrant Money purchasing page:

Q:  Do I have to pay with Pay Pal?

A: No, we have many different payment options available including Moneybookers, PagSeguro. Please look at our billing page to see all the options available.

Q:  What is the exchange rate when purchasing VM credits?

A:  Exchange rates will be calculated automatically based on that particular day's Forex value and your card will be charged accordingly with your local currency.

Q: Do I receive some form of receipt for my transaction?

A:  Yes, email will be sent for your online transaction, and for all the transactions a record will be created under the transaction history tab.

Q:  I received a confirmation from the bank saying my money was taken out but I didn't receive Vibrant Money?

1. Pay Pal's E-check takes 5-7 days to clear. Even though the funds are withdrawn right away. Pay pal will hold your funds till they completely clear your account. This is a standard Pay Pal policy and Vibrant Games has no control over this.

2. Your payment hasn't cleared with the 3rd party payment method. If this is the case you should go to their website and find out why. We can only award Aeria Points after the 3rd party notifies us.

3. You might have closed transaction page before it is redirected to top up page where your top up amount will get credited. In this case contact our suppoort team.

Q:  What do I need to know before I contact billing support?

Before using our contact support, please make sure that you have ALL of the following:

  1. Vibrant3G Account ID

  2. Payment Method Used

  3. Transaction ID

  4. Transaction Acknowledgment Received from Payment gateway

Q: I purchased Vibrant Money during a bonus cash event but haven't received my bonus VM! When will it come?

A: Bonus Vibrant Money will be added within 3days from the transaction date. If you didn't received, then contact our support team.

Q:  I purchased an item in game but they didn't arrived to my game account! What do I do now?

A:  If you or someone you know has not received a sent/purchased game item then please contact the game you play by selecting your game in our contact form and providing them with your item purchase information.

Q: Is Vibrant Money refundable?

A.  No, Vibrant Money is not refundable but can be transferred to any other accounts. One can purchase game points for their choice of game but points can't be transferrable.

Q: Is there any way to buy Vibrant Money credits other than credit/debit cards and online bank transfers?

A: Yes, You can transfer Money to our HSBC bank account in Hong Kong, mail transaction acknowledgement to support team and your account will be topped up with Vibrant Money.

Q: Can I transfer Vibrant Money to my friend's or my sub accounts?

A: Yes, you can. But Vibrant Money earned through event rewards (bonus Vibrant Money) can’t be transferrable.

Q: If I buy Vibrant Money credits for my friend, then will the purchase counted in my account or my friend's?

A: If you use your account to buy Vibrant Money credits for others, the purchase will be counted in the receiver's account, that is to your friend's account, not to your account.

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